The 3-2-1 “Pandemic Pivot” on LinkedIn

Whether you want to create a stronger brand and message for your current career, or you’ve been forced to pivot, and now need to create a new online brand, LinkedIn can help you quickly define your presence and messaging so that you don’t skip a beat.

In this webinar, Viveka von Rosen will show us:

  • 3 Things to do – in under an hour – that will strengthen your LinkedIn Profile and Brand
  • 2 Content Ninja tricks to create more powerful and more engaging posts on LinkedIn
  • 1 Powerful engagement strategy that will help your to create higher quality connections

Viveka von Rosen


Viveka von Rosen is a cofounder and chief visibility officer at Vengreso. Viveka—who is known as the @LinkedInExpert—is the author of the best-selling LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand.