Conversations about business success from our handpicked selection of Canada’s small business leaders.

From business fundamentals to sunken treasure: In conversation with keynote speaker Alex Glassey

Alex Glassey has had a long, colourful career as a serial entrepreneur. Today, he’s translated that into a thriving education company for business owners – with over 150,000 owners receiving some form of coaching or education from him.

He’s also a terrific storyteller, and a captivating keynote speaker.

In this conversation, we delve into his past, revealing the twists and turns of a fascinating career. We also dig into his SOHO 2017 keynote topic – sunken treasure. If that sounds thought-provoking, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Getting your story to the world. In conversation with Baila Lazarus.

Media attention is something every small office / home office entrepreneur values. So why do we do such a bad job getting (and keeping) the media’s attention?

Baila Lazarus knows. And at SOHO 2017 she’s going to tell us how to build a powerful relationship with the media. In this conversation with Marc Stoiber, Baila unveils a number of common mistakes we all make, and how to solve them.

Can your personal partner be your business partner? In conversation with Rebecca Kirstein

Rebecca Kirstein is a serial entrepreneur. She knows a thing or two about effective partnerships.

So what’s her perspective on starting a business with a spouse, close friend, or significant other?

Join Rebecca in this lively conversation with fellow SOHO speaker Marc Stoiber, and discover why her SOHO 2017 talk on the subject of personal relationships in business is going to be a must-see!

Brand powerhouse – in conversation with Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

Isabelle Mercier-TurcotteIsabelle Mercier-Turcotte is a no-nonsense dynamo with a passion for helping entrepreneurs build great brands – and businesses! In addition to running her own businesses, she’s one of North America’s top small business influencers, a TEDx speaker, best-selling author and TV show host.

Isabelle sat down with Marc Stoiber for a conversation on everything from her recent move to Vancouver Island to the future of SOHOpreneurs. Her bold vision and sparkle will make her a must-see at this year’s SOHO conference.

Meet Clemens Rettich – the ‘grumpy coach’ and SOHOpreneur saviour

Clemens Rettich is a business advisor, and lead consultant for the Great Performances Group. But if you ask what loyal clients refer to him as, it’s the grumpy coach.

Clemens, an empathetic realist (thus the grumpy coach moniker) joined Marc Stoiber to talk about the recurring problems he coaches business owners with, including fading motivation, lack of support, and absence of practical steps to success.

Rettich will bring his invaluable counsel to both SOHO Victoria and Nanaimo. Don’t miss his talk, and make sure to have a chat when he’s not onstage.

Trump, business and the SOHOpreneur – in conversation with keynote speaker Neil Belenkie

neil_BelenkieNeil Belenkie is a successful serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker at this year’s SOHO Victoria. His topic? What a Trump presidency means for small business in Canada.

“I think it critical that we as Canadian entrepreneurs have a clear perspective on Trump’s impact – both positive and negative” says Belenkie. “We need to separate the fear-mongering and hype from the reality. With a bit of clarity, I believe local businesses can actually profit from this momentous political shift.”

In this conversation with Marc Stoiber, Belenkie gives us a taste of his topic, and leaves us with plenty of thought-provoking questions. One thing is certain: his SOHO keynote is one you won’t want to miss. In the words of the Donald, it’ll be yuge.

Photo credit: Patrick Breitenbach