Alexandra Dawes

Alexandra Dawes

Virtual CFO

Alexandra started her accounting career working in public practice in Victoria, BC focusing on Canadian and cross border tax. She eventually moved into a senior role with a virtual accounting firm where she found her passion in helping start-ups while completing her CPA. Since then, Alexandra founded the company, Virtual CFO Solutions, and has been helping tech start-ups and small businesses on a part-time CFO and Controller level. Her focus is on Victoria based businesses but can work with companies across Canada on a remote basis.

Alexandra specializes in implementing efficient processes with cloud-based apps, preparing for financing raises, and developing forecasting tools for companies in need of strategic and financial planning. With the way the world is heading, Alexandra believes there is a huge need for modernized financial systems and processes for small businesses looking to grow and take their business to the next level.

Expert Advisor

Areas of Expertise:
  • Creating efficient financial processes using a foundation of cloud-based accounting apps
  • Developing financial forecasting tools for cash flow analysis and projections
  • Preparing for and assisting in financing raises and due diligence
Examples of questions that Alexandra can answer:
  • What are the top accounting apps to use when starting a business?
  • How do I effectively build a budget and understand my future cash flow needs?
  • How can I grow my business from startup to scale-up?
  • What are the top financial metrics that lenders and investors look for?