Brent Hammond

Brent Hammond

Trailblazer Business Consulting

Brent Hammond is the founder and CEO of Trailblazer Business Consulting. He helps ambitious entrepreneurs build & grow their dream businesses around the way they’re wired.

Brent has over 25 years of experience in business and personal development. He built his previous company — million-dollar food delivery company Fresh Piks Organics — from the ground up. For the past ten years he’s helped entrepreneurs and startups build out their business visions.

When he’s not working with fellow entrepreneurs, you might find Brent adventuring in other countries (as in his recent trips to Bali & South America) or up to his neck in cold water (at the annual Polar Bear Swim, among other places).

Connect with Brent

Instagram: @brent_hammond

Power Your Productivity: Get More Done & Move Forward Faster

The daily demands of business and personal life can be overwhelming. How can you up your power to make more happen in your business — without sacrificing lifestyle and the things that are important to you?

We all have finite time and energy. We can’t cheat the math and use more than we have. But we can be smarter about the time and energy we do have.

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn to use modes to focus your time and energy in the most productive way
  • Discover how to access the high-performance “flow state” and stay there longer
  • Understand the creative cycle we all go through, and how it can work for or against you
  • Identify your key next steps that will move you forward the fastest

This will be a focused, hands-on session for everyone who wants to move forward on what matters. Look forward to seeing you there!