Chris Burdge

Chris Burdge

Chris Burdge

SOHO Summit - Founder

Chris has been leveraging ‘the web’ to build brands and move products for global brands including BMW, Royal Bank, and Nestle Purina, as well as local businesses including Oak Bay Marine Group, Used Victoria and the Victoria International Airport.

In 2009 Chris founded bWEST Interactive, a digital marketing firm focused on helping clients develop online marketing strategies to grow their business. In 2010 Chris co-founded Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest conference dedicated to the exploration and sharing of ideas and insights around social media.

In 2015 Chris founded SOHO Summit (Victoria and Nanaimo) to help small and home office business owners succeed by empowering them to manage and grow their business, through workshops, 1-1 Expert Advice, peer collaboration and networking.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Welcome to the fourth annual SOHO Summit event in Victoria BC. We are excited to have you join us.  You are in for an amazing day of growth, learning and networking.

Get ready to meet some of Canada’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs along with your  business peers from the community.

Take part, engage, ask questions and say hello. We’re all in this together and we’re here to help!