Humaira Ahmed

Humaira Ahmed


Humaira Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Locelle – a networking app for women. Networking is hard and it’s even harder to easily connect and meet up with like-minded women: friends and mentors.

Locelle is quickly becoming the app for women in business and those working in STEM fields in Victoria and Vancouver. Powered by machine learning, Locelle’s proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities and location.

With a background in Software Engineering and Marketing, Humaira is extremely passionate about empowering young girls and women by breaking gender stereotypes.  As a working mom of two little girls, Humaira wants more women to pursue their dreams fearlessly, take a leap of faith and dream big.

FEAR: Harness It & Turn It Into a Strength

Fear – Everyone faces fear throughout their lives but in business. It can limit your opportunities and growth.

Or, you can learn how to not only navigate fear but how to harness turn it into your strength.