Ingrid Vaughan

Ingrid Vaughan


Ingrid Vaughan is the Founder and Leadership Coach at Smart HR. Her passion is facilitating leadership growth in all levels of an organization. Ingrid believes that great leaders make great companies, which is why she founded the Smart Leadership Academy – a six month program for leaders to gain confidence and competence for leading well in their organizations. Ingrid has spent her career working with and for small businesses in an HR management capacity and also helps business owners engage with and manage their teams more effectively.

I’m a Circle, You’re a Square; The Art of Understanding Others and Improving Communication

  • Have you ever wondered why your co-worker is happier with her door closed and never seems to want to engage in conversation?
  • Does that person on your team who dominates every staff meeting drive you crazy?
  • Do you have one potential client who is always engaging but with whom you can never quite close the deal?
  • What about that family member who always needs extra time to “think things over”?

In this workshop we’ll define the four basic personal and work styles that will enable you to finally understand the people you work and live with. Just understanding, however, is not enough.

You’ll learn the tools you need to create greater harmony and collaboration in your workplace and your home. Whether it’s manager to employee, co-worker to co-worker, staff to customer, sales person to client, or family member to family member – these skills will help you work better and communicate more effectively.

I’m a Circle – You’re a Square is your key to a stronger team, a more harmonious workplace and greater understanding in all your relationships.