SOHO Summit Webinar Series

SOHO Summit is about helping business owners like you grow your business.

We are facing unprecedented changes to the way we all live and work. For many, this has meant pivoting your business strategy and operations to continue to serve customers.

With that in mind we have created the SOHO Webinar Series to help you navigate these uncharted waters, while future-proofing your business.

The Business Owner’s Trap: Preparing to Sell Your Business

It has been said that the best reason to own a business is to build its value and sell it one day for a nice sum of money.

Unfortunately, without realizing it business owners work diligently to create an organization that makes them money and without realizing it they have built a virtual fortress that is quite impenetrable.

People who go into business are typically self reliant, go getters, confident in their own abilities. These are the traits that help them launch their business but they become the same traits that will make exiting their business a challenge.

Beginning and working with the end in mind is key to complete the cycle of business ownership and exit your business with grace, style and a handsome financial reward.

Mike will explore some of the things to pay attention to as you work along the path of business ownership.

Mike Lenz

Chinook Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Brokerage

Mike is a successful entrepreneur and broadly engaged human being.

Mike and his wife, Rebecca, love the West Coast and in particular Victoria. So they sold their business interests in Toronto, packed up the children and the dog and headed west in 2005. Hunting for a suitable business opportunity, the concept of business brokerage crept into Mike’s consciousness and soon after became his new vocation. Now in his fourteenth year as a business intermediary and coach, Mike goes to work excited with the opportunity to help people see their dreams become reality; either by buying a business; working with owners to make their businesses easier to run and more predictably profitable (and therefore more sellable); or capitalizing on years of hard work by selling the business they have built.

Mike has worked to complete over 150 transactions for clients and will be sharing his insights and learning in the book he co-authored “Getting to the Finish Line” which will be released later this year.

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