SOHO in Sketches

As crazy as it sounds, because we already have so many ways to communicate,  we are always looking for new ways to tell stories. In a world full of memes and digital imagery, hand-drawn stories with digital sketches, captures attention in a really compelling way. And you don’t have to look further than the popularity of infographics to know that most of us are visual learners.

SOHO Summit speakers are extremely engaging with the live audience. So we were really stoked to  have Deborah LeFrank join us and do such a wonderful job of capturing and encapsulating those messages in a distinct visual story that pulls it all together for viewers, whether you were there in person or seeing it here for the first time.

Check out these incredible sketches of the talks from some of our keynote speakers at the 2nd annual SOHO Summit in Victoria BC on January 27th.

ALEX GLASSEY – “Worth Its Weight in Gold”

CLEMENS RETTICH – “Six Lies & Six Truths”

SAUL COLT  – “Forget Influencers, Be Inspirational”

MARC STOIBER – “Why Can’t You tell Me What You Do?”

JORDAN BOWER – “Capitalizing on Your Authentic Story”

ISABELLE MERCIER-TURCOTTE – “Live Out Loud by Design Not Default”


Pretty cool eh…


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