Speaker Series – January

How to Plan Your Year: An Alignment Talk

About this Event

Practical ways help you align your year and map 2020 for success!

Each year seems to move faster and faster. Is the year going like you hoped so far? If not, now is the perfect time to adjust.

How can you do that? By planning for the year ahead.

We know your task list is long, and you have a lot on your plate. It may even seem impossible. There’s no chance you can start looking ahead to the months beyond, right?


It is not only possible for you to start laying plans out for your next year now. You’ve still got plenty of runway left to map out your intentions for the next eleven months. So why not do it?

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Mike is an author, speaker, and productivity and time management strategist (or ‘productivityist’).

His company, Productivityist, helps people stop ‘doing’ productive and start ‘being’ productive.


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