Joe Girard

Joe Girard

Joe helps companies around the world of all sizes simplify and humanize their selling. He works directly with sales teams designing systems, processes, and conversations that create wins quickly. His big mission is to rid the world of “salesy weirdos.”

Joe Girard is a sales coach who helps his clients get results and have fun. He’s an authority on empowering people to sell more, have fun, and win consistently. Joe combines a mix of sales expertise, education, and leadership development to enable more professionals to become “Sales Heroes.” They’re the ones who are willing to do the hard work to serve those around them.

Joe works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create systems, have deeper understanding of how their customers make decisions, and build their bulletproof mindset to succeed. Learn more about him at,, and at

Marketing & Sales, Together at Last

A strong brand connected to a strong selling strategy can’t be stopped. And a brand gets better when it’s connected inextricably to sales. In every part of the brand, you need to think about how to sell. And in every part of selling, you need to respect the brand message. Marketing and sales should be like chocolate and peanut butter.
But too often, entrepreneurs disconnect one from the other. The brand is weakened, and sales suffer.
Brand Strategist Marc Stoiber and Sales Performance Coach Joe Girard have brought marketing and sales together in a unique way. Join them as they map out how to build your brand and sales into one badass, feedback-looping juggernaut.