Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber Enterprises

Marc Stoiber has helped hundreds of companies – from Fortune 500 titans to garage start-ups – build brands that attract and sell. Now, he’s developed BrandDIY, a process that enables you to use his method – and get his results.

“My first experience of Marc was at SOHO. He was an amazing speaker. 6 months later I still remember his speech.” ~ Alison Donaghey

“Phew! What a breath of fresh-air to have an expert dissect our methodology and come back with a simple visual and descriptive layout that we can now spread out all over the globe.” ~ Renee Safrata 

Marc has a knack of looking sideways at your business (in my case Graphic Design) and coming up with a gem of an idea which moves you from run of the mill to intensely unique.” ~ David McArthur

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Find the Pandemic Pivot That Works With Your Brand

The worst thing you can do in lean times is frenetically engage in random acts of marketing. It’s time to pull back, reflect, and find new avenues to market your brand – that align with your brand. Marc Stoiber describes a couple of pivots he’s worked on during the COVID crisis, and another story that shows the million-dollar power of brand-centric pivots.