Rosemarie Barnes

Rosemarie Barnes

Confident Stages

Rosemarie Barnes is an acclaimed international Keynote Speaker, Certified Presentation Trainer, and the founder of both Confident Stages and the Executive Presentation Academy. She has authored 3 international best-selling books in the Confidence series and co-authored a number of business anthologies. Whether from page or stage, Rosemarie champions others to strive for excellence in personal, professional, and leadership roles through respectful and clear communication across all generations and by cultivating improved confidence in all areas of business.

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How To Successfully Recruit And Retain Millennials In Today's Job Market

There is no shortage of theories about millennials and how to best retain them. The focus is usually on what they are like, what their needs are, and what their expectations are.  Many companies are having trouble recruiting and retaining millennial talent. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the average millennial has held 7.8 jobs between the ages of 18 and 30.

Our panelists will talk about the various challenges and approaches to recruiting millennials along with their ideas on what to expect when looking to hire and retain this generation of employees.

Panelists include:

  • Rosemarie Barnes
  • Jason Verners
  • Paul Lamoureux