Highlight Reel

Catch the highlights and see what you missed, if you weren’t there, or pick yourself out of the crowd, if you were.

Videography Credit: Derek Ford Studios

Who’s helping you tell your story? 

With video increasingly becoming a vital tool in social and digital marketing programs, it’s a great time to consider how this medium can help you convey your unique brand story. Derek Ford Studios helps companies and individuals articulate their story, beginning from initial concept through to completed production. From 15-second Instagram shorts to comprehensive corporate pieces, video allows companies not only to more effectively engage audiences, but also to create a stronger connection with their brand, thus increasing loyalty and conversion rates. Adweek’s Social Times recently reported on the future of video in content marketing, noting the rise of an imminent shift from “marketing” to “storytelling”. 

5 responses to “Highlight Reel”

  1. Joe GIrard says:

    Great work everyone! Derek, of course, stellar video!

  2. The Highlight Reel is just the tip of the iceberg on what the day was like. So much great information and conversation; and great vendor booths full of valuable tips and tools as well. Great job on putting on a stellar event !!

  3. Mike Vardy says:

    Nice work, Derek!

  4. This really captured the buzz of the day. Nicely done!

  5. Dawn McCooey says:

    Great day. Great capture of the day and looking forward to 2017!

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